you could be budnik’s bitch for under $150!

what’s off is the ufc might see this and consider it…

…and if so budnik will fucking OWN her!


’cause no dog on planet earth is as addicted to treats as budnik is!

it’s an internet treat dispenser and video conference machine…for your dog! as it sits it does the treats, but if you buy your dog their own tablet or smart phone you can video conference while you’re away seeing a financial planner and/or therapist about where your life went wrong enough to warrant you buying your dog their own tablet or smart phone. you can video chat with your dog via their app (it should disable your car if you think they’re verbally responding) and then you can remotely have this thing kick a treat out to them for using the right emoticon i guess? gypsy just sends me the shit emoji to let me know what’s waiting in the utility room. there’s a part of me that thinks this is kinda cool, and a bigger part of me that thinks this is going a bit overboard. thoughts?

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