disgusted with the service…always

i don’t know if i’m still allowed at my local wal~mart…

…and i think i’m okay with that.

i was in there for forty-five minutes. ten was doing a return and cashing in change at coinstar – all in the customer service area. five minutes of it was grabbing shit. the other THIRTY was at the register.


why? because i tried to pay with a store card (return without receipt) and a coinstar receipt. apparently that ain’t cool. i rang myself up…there was ZERO line at the self checkout. but then i was told we’d have to void everything and start over at a register, because you can’t use coinstar at the self-checkout. nothing on the coinstar machine says this. nothing on the self-checkout machine says this. apparently you’re just supposed to KNOW this.

dopey me – i didn’t.

so i have to get a basket, gather up all my shit, and go to the “master register” in the middle of all the self-checkouts that has an attendant. she rings me up, gets to the coinstar part, and it won’t give her change either. she looks at me and asks, “why won’t my drawer open to give you change?!?”. bitch, i don’t know – YOU work here…i DON’T.

(i should quickly note i thought this, i didn’t say it out loud!)

so she gets her supervisor, who can’t open the drawer either. she gets HER supervisor, who has the same issue. “i think we’ll have to re-ring this purchase and figure out the issue”, she stated. “i think i’m gonna go to your hardware section, grab a crowbar, and open that fucking drawer”, i responded…

…and all of a sudden she had keys to open the drawer. my change was seven bucks even, so that’s what i was handed, with a sarcastic “i hope you don’t need a receipt” thrown in from management. “i hope you don’t expect to get any of my money again anytime soon”, was my response, and off i went. the problem is in my rinky-dink town they’re the only place that has gypsy’s food. guess i gotta remember to buy in austin for a while. no matter – fuck them.

wal fuk
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