run dnc? run rnc?

no, motherfucker…


seriously. we keep going through this bullshit and i’m most upset that we don’t really have a candidate that anybody actually WANTS to vote for. at least that’s the case with most of the people i know. the problem is it seems the voting public is now divided into three groups:

1. trump
2. NOT trump
3. fuck it i’ll stay home

which is why we will probably have a president trump. a lot of people say it’s what we deserve – fuck you, i didn’t do anything to deserve that! but we went through this before…after bush’s first term i knew plenty of people that didn’t want bush. they didn’t know WHO they wanted, just not bush. so the bush people voted for bush, the anti-bush people scattered there votes amongst the democrats, green party, libertarian party, etc, and we got four more years of bush.

the same thing happened with obama – the obama folks voted obama, the other split between indy, gop, and tea party…and we got four more years of obama.

and that’s why we’ll get a president trump. sad but true. a shame we can’t just go this way:


kickin’ ass and bringin’ the funk!

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