history didn’t repeat itself…did it?

i got quite a scare running around in the ufc’s vehicle the other day.

see, i don’t normally listen to npr. she does. so i got in her car and heard reports of a shooting on ut campus. from the tower. bodies on the mall. people huddled behind cars. oh, the humanity!

but it turned out it was a bunch of re-broadcasts of the ut tower shooting from the 1960’s because the anniversary of said event it fast approaching. i didn’t stick around to see if it was a tie-in with the recent passing of laws to carry guns on campus or what, i just through on my apple music’s “alternative gems of 1983” playlist and moved on.

it’s sad that these days shootings and the ensuing riots and protests and what have you are becoming so common place that a fifty some odd year old tragedy now just seems like thursday’s shooting of the day. back when it happened it was like the broadcast of war of the worlds where normal people panicked and thought shit had jumped off at whole new levels, but now it WAS real and for the people around here, it was a local happening.

now, again, it’s just thursday.

and that’s why i’d love to see next month be called:

Cease Fire Gust
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