another dead musician bit

before i go any further i’d like to state something:

no other musician has died. at least not a big one. not big enough that it’s been brought to my attention. shit, now i have to check…

googles “musician died july 2016″…nope, all clear!

i just watched 120 minutes and gotta kinda sad with ad rock had to pass the mic to yauch. that never gets to happen again. he was young, he lived a healthy lifestyle (posed “license to ill” days, i mean) and it sucks. pfife dog was a lifelong diabetic and always kinda sickly, and if you watched michael rappaport’s excellent 2012 doc, you know they were never going to be the same and just listening to their white album you know their best days were behind them.

but the beastie’s stuff never ceased to be awesome. they never hit that wall. and now they never will.

that’s why the bowie and lemmy death’s hit me. sure, they’ve had some lame periods, but both had produced great work of late and then got chopped down by older age caught up with by, i’m sure, the demons of their past, excessive enough to still snatch you down years (or in lemmy’s case, months) after said demons were thought to be laid to rest. not that their deaths were found to be pharmaceutical, i mean…but brought on by illnesses conjured up by past discrepancies…

…no the drug death of the decade is prince. to find out he died of an overdose was just sad. as sad as michael jackson’s doctor killing him with prescription pharmaceuticals. if you’re gonna go out rock n’ roll god druggie style it should be with a rig hanging out of your arm nose deep in the ass of the stripper who’s as you just snorted a line off of. not at home in your jammies with a brown bottle with your real name on it mere inches from your drooling face.

black lives matter. but black folk’s doctors i wonder about. seriously. i don’t mean to sound all racialist and shit, but i have seen more perfectly healthy black folk with handicapped parking permits than any other two races combined. period. and while you can KIND of blame them for getting them, it’s the doctors signing off on this that are the real pieces of shit to me. i had to haul a six foot neon sign across a parking lot in 101° heat because some NOT SO handicapable (emphasis on the “capable”) bitch parked across the handicapped spot AND the spot next to it (diagonally) to run in and buy (not making this up) weave hair.

what the fuck? and how is this bitch free on a monday to do this shit at 2pm instead of being at work?

it’s a fucked up world with live in, and with the retrumplican / hillacrat race coming up, it ain’t getting any better any time soon…

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