i don’t get most social media shit…

…honestly, most of it seems stupid.

i have a facebook because in this day and age you almost can’t get away with NOThaving one. it’s like myspace on steroids, and is a great place to harass the political views of others, share pics of your food and pets, and see what the latest world tragedy we’re supposed to hashtag or social concern we’re supposed to despise or support might be. i mean, where else can you get all that in one place while seeing what low-life scum you thought were your buddies couldn’t even be bothered to “LIKE” that cute new pic of your puppy let alone react or comment to it? and to think your his kid’s godfather? fuck that guy…

and then there’s twitter. i have one (m_sean_m) but i think i’ve put up ONE tweet for real because i’m a wordy fucker and can’t sum up my thoughts in less than a hundred and forty characters most of the time unless i just type “fuck all this shit” and call it done. how many times can you read THAT in a week before you unfollow? i may have to test my thirteen followers with that one…

(yes, i only have thirteen – but since it’s basically just a simulcast of my instagram, which has a couple hundred, i don’t care…)

and speaking of instagram, that one puzzles me to. so, i put up pics and people like or comment. so, basically just facebook but without the rambling posts (most of the time), a bit more skin, and my pics have to be square. um…okay. it gets trolled as much if not more than facebook my marketing types, which was obvious when we were in vegas recently and i’d post something only to have it liked within moments by accounts i didn’t know, so then you go look ’cause you’re curious, and you see it’s some party promoter or “shit to do in vegas” or something like that.

and then there are the instasluts.

i don’t post to “the gram” that often, but almost every post i do gets liked or followed by some user who’s handle is something like “claudia456123789” and when you look at her account she has six followers, but follows a couple THOUSAND people, and has no pics. but her profile is usually something like this, but choc full of emoticons i can’t do on this site because it’s html:

(that was actually a mashup of three i picked at random off my feed for the last week)

am i the only one that gets those? i can’t be, right? i mean, i also have some random dude from the middle east (some of the stuff he posts, despite the language barrier, is pretty damn funny), a few russian tattoo artists (occupational hazard) and people i actually know (those are the bulk of it) amongst others. of all the social media shit it takes the silver behind good ol’ facebook for apps i’d actually wanna keep.

and then there’s snap chat.

i have that, too, but don’t get it. i’m told if you’re over twenty-five you won’t. so much for my famed al lewis story about being forever young on that shit…

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