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i’m a big fan of john oliver’s hbo show…

…and since he’s off for a couple weeks, i’m doing my sixer version and just doing six lil’ bits to wrap up the week (and then some):

elemental money – i think it’s a sad world that we pay for air and water. the two elements that WERE free are now not. and air keeps getting worse. not CLEAN air, but the shitty stuff we put in our tires. around central texas it’s now around $1.50. but it’s worth it if the machine is one of these:


you plug in the pressure you want and go tire to tire. if it’s fine it doesn’t do shit. if it’s too full it leaches it out, if it needs air it inflates it to the pressure you set, then you move on. it beeps to tell you when to do so. THAT’S worth a buck and half if you need it. and speaking of worth it…

Pokemon GFuckY

if a free game can bring this much joy to this many people (including the ufc and the boy) and people on social media take a moment from talking about guns and politics and bullshit and instead talk about how to evolve the squirtle they picked up at the salsa bar of taco cabana last night FUCK IT, let ’em do it. we all could use the break from the guns and politics and bullshit. at least nobody’s spouse or parent or kid is becoming this weeks social media HTOTW*.

*HTOTW – Hash Tag Of The Week

it’s better to bern out then fade away?

so bernie quit. that sucks. i predicted a while back this might be the end of it – that trump was pretty well assured victory. that hilary’s bullshit would start to catch up with her, she’d look untrustworthy, and trump would lock it down whether we wanted him to or not. but bret came to town the other day, and while we didn’t talk politics i pointed out to him that i’ve always felt what he or leo endorse is quality…from cars to watches to booze. and he has a picture of himself with mrs. clinton. she ain’t a car or a watch, but if bret really likes her…

…and speaking of voting:

polls are closed about what’s going on my bed – since nobody cared i sent the second one back to try and get a refund. fuck it, forty bucks is forty bucks.

july had too much bangin’ -as mia bell said twenty-five years ago in boyz n the hood “can we have one night where there ain’t no fightin’; nobody gets shot?”. fuck the one night, let’s go for a month and rename “august”:

Cease Fire Gust

and just ’cause i hate to end on a serious note, let’s watch w put the “fun” back in “funeral” at the memorial service in dallas for the fallen officers:

THIS is why trump might not win – w ruined the presidency for all white guys! goodnight everybody!

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