group on or group off?

i’m not sure how (or if) to handle this…

…you see, i ordered a comforter set off groupon because gypsy chewed through our duvet AND the comforter to the point where we can’t really WASH our comforter till somebody sews it up because stuffing will come out of it. it arrived on friday…

…and again yesterday. they shipped me two.

i wasn’t charged for two. but i GOT two. when i called them about this (i wanted to make sure i alerted ’em so they didn’t just willy nilly charge my card again) they said they’d send a return label and i just drop it off at a fed ex drop spot and we’re good. but they didn’t send the label (yet) and that was yesterday.

and it gets more interesting…

…i tried to include a pic here (notice i’ve been doing that more lately? i figure it kinda adds to it) but the comforter set is no longer on their website. further more, neither the memory foam mattress pad NOR the comforter i ordered show in my recent orders list on the website…it stops at these suck-ass blue tooth earbuds i ordered and subsequently sent back because…well…they sucked ass.

the set DOES show up on their phone app, as do my recent orders, but on the app it says “THIS DEAL ISN’T AVAILABLE YET”. it does finally show “DELIVERED” as the status, but gives the delivery date as yesterday (july 12th) with no mention of the first one delivered back on the 8th.

so here’s my conundrum:

a. do i keep both so just in case gypsy chews this one we have a spare?
b. do i call again and see if they give a proper return label this time?


c. do i set up a return (for money back) on the one that was delivered yesterday and keep the other one for free?

my current plan is wait till friday and if i haven’t heard shit back on my initial call, set up the return and take the money. shit’s been tight since vegas, yo!

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