a big, troubled, belated movie review

there are certain movies people freak out i haven’t seen…

…most of them are for attention span/time off issues.

i’m not trying to hide behind the adult a.d.d. blanket here. far from. i can commit to books and other shit that take hours upon hours to digest. but i have found, for the most part, that really long movies could have been a LOT shorter if they didn’t ramble on (yes, for those that know me personally, i know that i ten to ramble on but let that shit go). back when VHS was a thing i told people it was easy to know what popular movies they’d THINK i’d have seen, but i probably hadn’t – just look for the two tape rentals. most movies that were on two tapes (j.f.k., forest gump, braveheart, casino, the patriot, the godfather) i hadn’t seen (only the godfather and casino have moved off the list, the latter ’cause i read the book (which was better than the movie) and the former ’cause i just felt i needed to, and enjoyed it, but had to watch it in multiple sittings).

one of the ones i never thought was “a thing” that i’d missed was big trouble in little china.

i dig kurt russell and several of the bit actors in it, especially james hong (who plays the evil “lo pan” in the movie) and victor wong (the tour bus driver). i enjoyed it more than i expected/wanted to and it’s one of the first movies i’ve waited forever to see that i wish i’d seen earlier. little known fact – the two super asian actors i mentioned were actually totally american (born in minneapolous and san francisco, respectively) and were both also in the golden child the same year (1986), which was the first movie i ever saw in the theater with JAB (many more followed, usually on the opening friday). sure the special effects suck and the plot is weak, and you have to deal with whats-her-face from the sex & the city annoyances, but overall it’s pretty damn good!

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