dry heat my (sweaty) ass!

this is one of three bits written for our vegas trip in advance…

…the time it’s being written is (looks at lego boba fett clock on the desk) 8:36pm on thursday.

the current temperature where i’m sitting is 83° at my house in lockhart.

the current temperature in las vegas, where i’ll be when most of you read this, is 106°.

what the fuck?

they like to say “it’s a dry heat”. fuck that – 106° is 106°. and the day we land is set to top out at 113°. is that for real? are humans supposed to live in that shit? at least the first night we’re staying at the hotel and inviting the ufc’s friends to join for booze (she grew up there). but the next day is run around time and the next night is drinks and food with old friends, her former in-laws, and my boss (they’re conveniently out there at the same time). it’s gonna be a hot motherfucker – dry heat or not! on the upside, i’m hoping my slightly nagging cough/sinus thing (and the ufc’s REALLY nagging cough/sinus thing) is obliterated by the desert climate. i guess we’ll see!

vegas sign

(for the first time i might have pissed off my wifey with this page)

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