a public service announcement pretty much just for shane

shane, i’ll miss you…

…and so will the dogs.

seriously, there’s nobody budnik (and the late miss copper) would rather have in my absence than shane. shit, i think copper even preferred him. gypsy might as well given the punishment i had to dole out tonight (again, keep in mind a few of these were written before we went to vegas, and tonight (thursday, june 23rd) gypsy chewed through our duvet for the second time and this time made it all the way through the comforter down to the stuffing, even though she had a chew toy RIGHT FUCKING THERE the whole time…

…moving on. (she’s been in her crate since 7:30 and can stay there all night as far as i’m concerned)

but this might be the clincher for him leaving the state and abandoning his newly acquired river house to the family he’s allowed to shack up there – willie nelson is hiring, in colorado, for his marijuana business, “willie’s reserver”. he says he’s bought so much of it he’s decided he needs to start actually selling some. the production manager gig, one of five jobs posted on his website, pays $65,000.00 a year plus benefits and “performance based incentives”.

i’m sure there’s also a bit of quality control on the product there, too.

of course, all of this will probably have to wait till certain legal things are wrapped up, but i have a feeling that if business is booming around them parts we might see our beloved buddy leave us…he has always been a willie nelson fan, ya know. shit, i saw my first willie show with him. so, google that shit and find the link – and know you’ll be missed, buddy.

(i was gonna wait to post this on july 4th, since that’s a “willie day” with his picnic and all, but we’re running on odd days this month so there ya’ go…)

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