poorlando III – the sexy saturday bit

so, almost two weeks after the orlando shootings, most people still rep it on their social media…

…and some guys don’t because they’re afraid the freedom flag thing makes them look gay.

so for those guys, i have three bits of info:

1. get yourself some therapy

2. no, seriously – get yourself some fucking therapy. putting the freedom bars on your facebook doesn’t make you “a fag”. it shows you care about current events and support the victims of a tragedy.

3. just so you can play it safe, and feel all manly and shit, post this meme i made for you:

orlando - ho

it’s triply supportive:

1. look at her wristbands (yes, boys, she has arms – that’s why you don’t see nipple)
2. it has an appropriate hashtag
3. the hashtag is in the freedom colors

it’s also triply masculine:

1. it’s a pretty girl
2. just fuckin’ look at ’em!
3. the hashtag is in the austin powers font, and he’s as manly as it gets*

*okay, “as manly…” might be a stretch, but it seemed like a good idea when i’d been drinking and the second one was running on showtime while i wrote this bit. it should also be noted that due to my stance against organized religion i normally would shy away from the word “pray” in a bit but because it had a pretty much topless broad in in AND supported homosexuals, both things christian folks detest, i figured it was okay to bend my normal rules for content here…

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