bee day

you’ve heard of “d day”?

well, today’s “bee day” here.

i played the game. i tried. but financially, it just ain’t feasible. mark from one of those bee rescue places finally came out yesterday, and guessitmated we have a hive that’s probably buzzing about 2,000 bees thick (until he realized i probably wasn’t gonna use his services, then the number suddenly jumped to 10,000 which was either a scare tactic or bees fuck like no tomorrow when i’m droning on (yeah, that one was on purpose)).

said hive would require removing up to two feet of roof and trim – and while they take out, they DON’T put back…so then i have to find people to rebuild the structure they just, willy nilly, cut out of the house. unlike roofers who have building experience, cut just over stud lines, and make it to where laying wood back in is easy this guy looked like he was a “bees first, house second” kind of priority guy, which was a problem for me. he looked just like i expected – like maynard james keenan if he got tattooed regularly in a trailer just outside of bastrop, texas and his family tree had a couple questionable forking omissions.

and his demeanor totally changed when i said, “fuck that, i just gotta go another way on this” when he told me how much structural devastation we were talking about. it’d be one thing if we didn’t have a vegas trip coming up in six weeks – but we do. and money’s gotta be allocated to do that right. in the interim, i can’t have my yard getting all jungley, and after i’ve been stung a bunch and gyspy even took one in the mouth (in the bees defense, she was trying to eat it at the time) they gots to go.

but i’m nervous about it…

i hit the hive last night with the super soaker kinda. i add the last word because it was dusk, and on cinco de mayo (so we’d been drinking) and the hive entrance is kinda tucked up under the trim so it’s kinda like the shot luke needed to make in the first star wars flick – it’s tricky. and apparently i missed the mark last night because i woke up this morning to just as much hive activity, if not more, than i saw yesterday morning. i hit it again before i took os to school, so we’ll see what that did. i’m about to go mow the FRONT yard, and hopefully i get to do so incident free…then i’ll let the pups out to pee and play and we’ll take a look and see how it looks after this morning’s carpet bombing – more to follow.

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