is the house broken?

maybe it’s just booze and such, but i don’t remember housebreaking a puppy taking so long…

…and budnik had it rough.

i’ll grant you miss gypsy got her name because she was relocated four times in weeks five through eight of her life, finally settling here the day before st. patrick’s day. i gotta figure that fucks with you a little bit – but almost everyday we’re cleaning up a mess somewhere and she just doesn’t seem to get it. she’s only messed her crate once (thank christ – that gets super messy) but our utility room rug had to just be pitched and no amounts of “good girl” praise when she pisses outside and “bad girl!” scolding when she pisses inside seems to make a lick of fucking difference…in short, if she WANTS to go outside, she does…and if she doesn’t, out comes the scolding and spray and paper towels.

in hind-sight this was a long-term struggle for miss copper as well.

i used to call her the “shit ninja” because she would shit in the sitting room (basically right where i’m sitting in what is now the office) and then kick it under the couch, which had a dust skirt on it, so then you’d walk in the room and SMELL shit, but not see it. when we moved my fabled ann richards couch years later (it was rumored she would sometimes crash on said couch after parties at a former bosses house, who game me the couch but copper chewed up an arm and most of the wood trim due to separation anxiety from yours truly) we found a couple dozen turds under it.

hopefully gypsy doesn’t get into THAT habit.

anybody remember how long it took to housebreak any of theirs? i’m spacing on how long budnik took, but i remember thinking it was taking longer than i expected…

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