where daphuk…

…did i go on sunday?

shoulda been a sixer there, i know. or a bit of some sort. what happened to that “an entry every forty-eight hours” promise y’all got back in 2008?

well, i’ll tell ya – in short, i was keepin’ it classy.

i had one written (a sixer, that is – you’ll see it later this month) that wasn’t mother’s day themed. i hadn’t ditched out on it on purpose or anything, it’s just that the holiday hasn’t meant anything to me in years because months before i made the “every forty-eight…” promise my last grandmother died, which pretty much ended anybody i had ever spent mother’s day with being around. so, to me, it just became a sunday with the occasional reminder of dead relatives from folks that don’t know my family history enough not to send me messages that day to not “forget to call mom!”.

in the old days i’d respond with “do you have a ouija board i can borrow to do so?” but i’m not nearly as bitter and bummed as i used to be.

but a ludicrous disagreement with my sister about mom’s cancer history just kinda set me in a bad way for the day and so rather than follow everybody’s lead and post some cool retro pic of my mom in the 1970’s with an infant me or some cancer ribbon with a sunset vector graphic making the rounds (in reality my mom had eight kinds of cancer when she died so the ribbons would make their own fucking rainbow, although back when she died those weren’t even a thing).

but something occurred to me – i SHOULD be celebrating the day with the most beautiful mom i know, and she’s still breathing…my wife. so going forward i’ll be focusing the day on her like i should, and still have a belated gift to figure out. as for this one, i actually just did what we geminies have the most difficult doing – observed a moment of silence. i didn’t like, comment, or post on any social media site OR here.

but now i’m back…

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