the end of the line?

okay, so today’s bit was SUPPOSED to be about the lines at fiesta texas…

…and maybe it’s just me, but it’s bullshit.

you wait in line just to wait in line. seriously. when you enter the park, you wait in line to go through metal detectors…then go wait in the line to get tickets…then wait in line to get in. then you wait in line just to get in the water park so you can wait in line to give them twenty bucks for a locker for your shit for the day, then put your stuff up, and go wait in line for a tube so you can climb a bunch of stairs and wait in line to ride the ride…

…and repeat.

and for an extra $50-100 you can buy a line pass (the more you spend, the better your pass). even WITH a pass a two hour line takes two hours…but you check in, they hold your spot for you, and then call you when you need to head back to get on the ride so you’re free to go do other shit. kinda like hiring a hobo, but more wallet hurty and less nose hurty.

it’s not for me. sure, it gives you time to chat with your family and bond with some marginally annoying park guests, but it seems like you should spend more time riding and less time waiting? or perhaps i’m overthinking it. i remember lines when i was a kid going to astroworld, but they were NOTHING compared to what you get these days. i guess the population has grown but theme park line capacity really hasn’t…

…but what did i mean by “the end”? it seems this site has all but locked me out. i’ve sent a “send me new password” form three times with no response. it was only by clicking one of ME’s comments that firefox cache showed me as logged in and all was well – but it wouldn’t let me set a new password while i was in, so this might be it?

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