¡viva fiesta!

as you read this me and the fam are at six flags fiesta texas in san antonio for the ufc’s work’s family picnic…

…it’s the first saturday i HAVEN’T worked at the shop since our NOLA trip in november.

i was sweating it not for the cost (her company pays for everything) nor the family time (i enjoy that part) but rather for the loss of income. i live my week to week life based on tips from the shop, and saturday being my long day is typically a good portion of it. to try and cushion the blow i’d set aside a fifty from last weekend and not touched it, but then yesterday morning i won $100 on a five dollar scratch-off, which also balances out last weekend, when rather than drop a buck or five here or there on scratch offs during the week i said “fuck it”, bought the new vegas-themed fifty dollar scratcher and lost. winning the $100 yesterday, to me, was just the lottery paying me back with interest – like i loaned it the fifty from last weekend till this weekend so i could make it through next week easier after missing saturday’s pay out.

that’s my theory and i’m sticking to it.

it was kinda cool – the ticket has two parts…on the top part i hit forty bucks, but on the back of the tickets it lists all the possible prizes and forty WASN’T on there but fifty was so i expected to hit another ten bucks on the bottom half…but on the last row i hit the “3X” on a “$20” one taking it to a hundred.

that works!

in case you’re curious, this one has hit for me before:


but don’t think they’re ALL winners…i’ve had four or five in between miss and, right before i did this one, i told myself, “if this doesn’t win call it quits on these”. now it’s earned itself another purchase or two before i retire it…

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  • me Apr 30, 2016 @ 17:59

    You did better than we did in Vegas 🙂

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