the free meal that was never meant to be

i tend to “charge” my friends the same rate for moving or what-not…

…dinner. sometimes drinks, too – if there’s a good happy hour. i’d never do full price booze on somebody’s tab ’cause that can get up into mortgage payment numbers. but the other day when i had to run a bunch of miles up for shane so he could score a porsche cayenne i knew of a for a good price we ended up in kyle with the fam and he was gonna cover my tab…but a few drinks and that got forgot and he just closed out for himself.

so we made lunch plans. but then this happened:


we got two minutes into food on the table and heard “everybody out!”. seems an exhaust shaft got clogged and caused a minor smoke issue and so we all had to be evacuated. i was fucking STARVING so i took my wings out into the parking lot and proceeded to set them down on the bumper of that fire truck you see behind me but they weren’t cool with that, so shane suggested we move to the hood of the aforementioned cayenne. and that was lunch. in the rain. and we even tried to settle up, but to no avail. i did circle back after i’d gotten some change and tipped our bartender/waiter, brian – it wasn’t his fault the shit went down, and with the exception of bringing us the check he’d done his job…

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