the big o…hassle

this is not a sexual bit…

…or a bit about an irish family named “o’hassle”

(sue me, i’m kinda proud of myself for that one)

no, this is some white folk problems about a high end watch battery. back about the time i got budnik i finally scored my favorite watch, an oakley minute machine:


i couldn’t have been happier. i got it for $500 off eBay, and at the time the retail was $1,200. it went up to $1,500 before they ceased production of all oakley watches at the tail end of 2015. i had it for a whopping thirty seconds out of the box before i realized two things:

1. it was taking my blood pressure it was so tight
2. it wasn’t running

so, i had to re-box it, call oakley and get a case number, and send it in. ninety-five bucks and two weeks later i had it back with two more links in the bracelet and a fresh forty-eight month battery…which lasted from sepetember 2010 till last week – CONSIDERABLY longer than forty-eight months. but now it must go back, and that simple five minute call has now been replaced by an online form that requires you to put in your proof of purchase (i have none, but will be including the date of the last time they serviced the watch) plus you have to send PICS so they have record, from you, of the wear and tear on your watch before they get it so you can’t say that scratch on the face came from them.

it’s a sad world we live in – you KNOW i have to go through all this shit because somebody pulled some bullshit like that. you then submit the forms, wait for them to review it, and THEN they send you the go ahead numbers to ship your watch back. good thing i have enough of a collection to cushion the loss – but it’s still my favorite, damn it. it reminds me of my vocabulary – i know billions of words (more than trump, thank you) but we all know what my FAVORITE word is, don’t we?

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