the no good very bad day

monday was going so well…

…and i won’t even add the qualifier “for a monday” because mondays are my fridays and therefore tend to go well. no, mine was simply just a monday with all the hallmarks for normal people. on the way home one of my tires ripped apart. this was bad, but in hindsight expected, since i buy used tires, i’d had them for a year and a half, and i put around 30,000 miles on my car a year. in that regard those used continetals lasted quite a while given that they were $150 mounted and balanced for the pair. and only ONE died, but i like to replace in pairs.

because it ripped apart as i was driving i found myself stranded, so i had to wait for the ufc to get the kiddo, get him home, and then come get me…but then i had to take her BACK home to take care of the puppy, and then head into austin with my dead wheel in the back of ruby (her hhr) and then sit through austin five o’clock traffic to get back out to my car and put the wheel back on…then go BACK to the house, retrieve her and the boy so we could go grab dinner, but go BACK out to my car to grab it. i hop in and turn the key…


dead battery. and trying to charge it with her jumper cables didn’t work. so, off to autozone we went, where by battery WAS out of warranty (three year warranty expired in october) but i still got half core credit so i paid $95 for $185 battery.

the next morning i was at the tire place shortly after it opened, and sure as your born that second back tire was starting to go (steel belts were showing on the inside wall) so replaced it with the one i’d had set aside the night before when i bought the first one (again, you wanna try and do it in pairs) and the day was bright – literally. dropped the top, rolled to sandy’s for lunch, and then hit the gym. when i went to leave the gym i got a wild hair and checked the front tires and – yep – one of the front ones was going out on the inner wall as well (all tires were bought summer of 2014 from good used places to i can’t bitch about the longevity here, although the fourth still appears to be holding strong). so wednesday morning i was BACK at the tire place and replaced the third outta four.

again, at least the fourth seems to be holding…although this summer i might stagger the wheels (replace the back 17″s with 18″s) so new tires will be needed then and i’ll replace the two up front at that point unless the issue gets forced before hand.

in theory we’re good for now, although i still need to man up and deal with that pesky oil leak…

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