my brain must be worth billions!

i’m still ticked about this…

…and i know i need to let it go.

i’ve been wearing contacts for a while now. when you do that, in addition to an eye exam you have to pay for a “contact lens fitting” or a “contact consultation” or something to that effect. it’s usually about $40-50 and is not traditionally covered by insurance (the exam is, the contacts part isn’t). my insurance through the ufc DOES cover it, but the new doctor (who’s in lockhart) i went to per the ufc’s recommendation tacks on ninety-eight-fucking dollars for that.

that’s fucked up.

at the other less expensive places they chat with you about contact lens options. give you free samples. have you put a trial pair on and see how you like ’em…and even if you knew what brand you wanted, they’d still make you put on a pair so they could make sure they fit your eyes properly and line up and such…after all, you’re not a medical professional – just ’cause it’s what you like doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

the ninety-eight dollar version had NONE of that.

they asked me if i knew what brand i wore and what style. i said “yes – aqua comfort plus”. i was then asked if i knew my prescription. again, i responded in the positive, and rattled off my prescription, and i was told that wouldn’t change. and that was it – there was no trial pair, no free samples, no “let’s see how this shit fits you”. i even let them know i was NOT wearing a pair right now, and they didn’t seem to care. but they charged me almost a bill for rattling off what i knew.

and again, that’s pretty fucked up.

but i figure if that small amount of knowledge out of brainus is worth a bill the whole collection of knowledge must be worth a pretty penny!

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