the perfect ten?

so, last week this happened:


and then there were ten. not all at once. oh, HELL no not all at once. we’ve got three, which i swore was never a pup number we’d hit again…but this one had to happen.

a buddy picked this little girl up (at only four weeks old?!?) and named her “freya” (norwegian goddess, literally translates to “lady”) but his chick had issues with the little pup wanting attention when he wasn’t home, so in around a week she was re-homed to one of the tattoo artists i work with…but within a few days his room mate, who “works” from home, said he needed to find a doggy day care for her ’cause he wasn’t into dealing with her, so back to my buddy’s place she was fostered until ANOTHER tattoo artist i work with agreed to take her since his wife wanted a puppy for their little girl…but then the wife went into the hospital with a 7mm kidney stone (yowch!) and he didn’t wanna have to take care of their girl AND the puppy, so she was up for adoption again…

…and this all took place in weeks four through eight of her life. fuck that.

so we named her “gypsy” (i figure now that you’ve read the back story that makes sense) and she is technically the TENTH dog in my world if you count puck (which i do – he’s the ufc’s dog) and makes for an even split for me on doggy gender.

the rundown:

brandy – (f) – 1974 – 1981
butterball – (m) – 1975 – 1985
julie – (f) – 1986 – 2001
calum – (m) – 1996 – 2007
buffi – (f) – 1999 – 2010
copper – (f) – 2002* – 2013
lucky – (m) – 2005 – 2010
lil’ dude (aka budnik) – (m) – 2010 – present
puck – (m) – 2014* – present
gypsy – (f) – 2016 – present

*year indicates when they came to the house as adult dogs

hopefully these three are with us for a while – they all seem to be getting along fabulously (although i’d forgotten how much i DIDN’T miss the housebreaking ritual!)

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