you think you’re excited – check out these nipples!

this feels weird…

…and by that, i mean not having nipple piercings at all for the first time since 1999.

but i think i’ll re-do ’em, eventually.

(at this point i’ll add i KNOW i’ve talked about this and even said i wouldn’t bring it up again, but here we are…)

the first time i got ’em pierced it was a tandem piercings – two piercers, two needles, no waiting. both world-renowned guys…bear and alan falkner. both still friends to this day. and i did it live, on the air, on my radio show on 101X. this had been done on austin radio a week before (i had it planned before their broadcast, but as i was auditioning for the show my week fell the week after a morning show on a rival station did it). but they used their intern as the pin cushion, describing what they saw and letting him comment on what he was feeling.

i had my intern run the board, and i did the dang thing.

my plan (not a lot of people know this) was to do one OFF the air, so i knew what i was getting into, and then do the next one ON the air…kind of like getting a rehearsal run. but bear & alan weren’t having it (bear later told me he thought i’d do the one off the air, say “fuck this!”, and bail on doing it live…which was probably right).

the jewelry used was 14g 1/2″ barbells. too small for my chesticles, and they rejected. we re-did them with 12g circular barbells (“horseshoes” is the term most lay people use) and those held pretty good…until one got snagged by an ex and one by calum (i miss that boy) and so they went back away in 1998 or so (to keep you up to date, originally done january of 1996, then re-done in march of 1997, then rejected in summer of 1998). i re-did them with barbells, at a forty-five degree angle, in december of 1999 and all was well…

…until spring of 2013. then the right one, inexplicably, started to reject. i think i snagged it on the sheets while i was sleeping. anywho, i had to pull it but got it re-done in february of 2015. all good, till it got snagged once again by the comforter, and then it started to slowly grow out…i finally pulled it and took the left one out, too. if they’re gonna get re-done i’m going 10g and horizontal again.

we’ll see when that happens…i’m shooting for late summer. if those don’t hold i’m officially done.

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