tie goes to the walker…or not?

normally i do some st. pat’s bit, usually warning folks not to try and drink like me and shane today…

…so don’t do that. moving on:

i hiked like hell the other day just to spite a twelve year old. this is part of parenting, or so i’m told. but it didn’t work. i went for this:

soubeyeatiy1pf53uduk TIE-fighter-3

a life-sized tie fighter that disney put up in downtown austin to hype the release of episode vii next month. the “making of” feature debuted at the sxsw film fest monday, and the tie fighter went up thursday. with the premier being monday, i figured it was a TOTALLY safe bet it would still be up then, so after a med supply run for the shop i weaved my way through narrow east austin streets and got parking a mere six blocks away. i hiked over only to see…no tie fighter. they had already taken it down! with the premier being that night, and jj abrams in town and all that shit, this made NO sense to me, but so it went. all that hike, all that sweat (in was an unseasonably warm ninety-two degrees on monday) and no spite pics.

i guess that’ll learn me to be spiteful. shit, at least i got to kinda see it from the interstate saturday and sunday morning…

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