it’s the LEAST wonderful time of the year (part ii)

and the hits just keep on comin’…

…day three. and counting?

daylight savings time always fucks me up when it kicks in. why? because we lose an hour on a saturday night – one of the nights where my window for sleep is already tiny. so it means i go to work typically on less than five hours of sleep. but this one has REALLY fucked with my phone. did the “watch insurance” for sunday (where i have an analog watch preset to the correct time change time so i know it’s accurate) but then YESTERDAY it dropped back an hour midway through the morning, and again today. the ufc’s mom had cataract surgery today and she sent me this text:


but if you pull it up now check the time stamp:


again, the text woke me up, so i thought i was up an hour EARLIER than i was. seriously – this is a SMART phone? my dumb ass LG’s could figure out daylight savings time ON THE DAY, let alone still fucking up two days later. the ufc thought there was some daylight savings time setting i didn’t have set up right, but that’s not the case:


most of my friends scoff because i wear watches, saying they haven’t worn one since they got a cell phone since the phone has a clock…but my WATCH is accurate. the iPhone? not so much…

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