it’s the LEAST wonderful time of the year

i know a sixer is supposed to happen today…

…but it ain’t gonna.


because i’m fucking tired. it’s time change day.

we are no longer an agrarian society. we don’t farm. well, most of us don’t farm. shit, most of us don’t even garden…let alone do it for a living. why the fuck does when the sun goes up and down versus what the clock says matter? answer is, it doesn’t. and while plenty of states have ditched it, texas hasn’t…and i guess we do have a lot of farms and ranches – but i don’t live on one of them, so it just annoys the piss out of me. and my iphone’s reaction is even more so…i stayed up till 2am to see the clock roll till 3am. all was well. and my alarm went off on time, and i got up…but then when i took a shower and got out i noticed something. i checked the ufc’s phone and it said this:


but mine, when i walked over to it, said this:


(side note – it reverted back on monday as well)

it corrected itself by the time i got in the car, and it did this LAST spring, so i had already set the watch i wanted to wear that day for the correct time, and neither sprint nor apple can fuck that up, so i knew THAT was the accurate time, which is what saved me (otherwise i woulda gone back to bed).

anybody else experience this fucked up phenomenon?

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