if i lived in the pacific northwest i’d be dead by now…

…i’m thoroughly convinced of that.

this has been an unusually dreary week in south central texas, with mild temperatures and next to NO sun (after monday it’s rained non stop) and in the interim i’ve gotten neither jack nor shit done around the house.

sad, but true. at least it held off on monday so shane and i could move harold. well, held off for the most part – we got a little drizzled on towards the end there at his old place.

it’s not unusual once a week or so (usually monday) for me to take os to school and then come home and doze back off for an hour or so. it’s also not usual for me to only get about six hours of sleep any given night. well, apparently that’s all caught up with me ’cause monday i didn’t get back to sleep ’cause i knew i had to hustle into town to get harold moved with shane. but tuesday i passed out for over an hour once i got him to school, wednesday saw the ufc coming back home by 9am due to exhaustion (i slept till 11:15 or so, her till almost noon) and then thursday she stayed home again amd i came home, went back to bed, and dragged ass leaving an hour later than planned.

today was supposed to be different, but i can already tell by now (7:08am) that after i take him to school and run to the grocery store than might be damn near it for me…still need to do laundry, desperately need to fix the door lock actuator on my car, but we’ll see if that all happens – right now morning rest seems to be required.

since i was a kid i’ve never been a “nap guy”. in fact, it usually guarantees that the following night i won’t get tired till 3am or so…but i’ve been crashing out at my normal time (11:30-midnight) and then dragging through my day. today is the first day i’m back in the gym in a week…wonder if that has anything to do with it?

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