happy os day everybody!

this is not a day to celebrate the thing that makes our phones work…

…it’s a day to celebrate this guy:


the boy turns twelve today, and in addition to the bitching bike i just semi-snuck into his room and hung up on a bike hook while he slept (counts as “semi” ’cause the rubber handlebar grip got caught on my shirt as i carried it in and as i swung it up on the hook said grip swung the bars back and i got clocked on the cheek with ’em!) i had an extra gift: as “os” is short for “osgood”, but we’ve always put it up on this site as “oz” and he’s requested we spell it properly (when a dyslexic kid calls you out on your spelling you gotta take that shit seriously) we will, going forward, be going with the “s” version. also, from when i’m writing this (a few minutes before midnight) till the end of os day (or whenever the fuck i remember to change it) we will be running the “el barto” header instead of the randomizer because it’s his favorite…

Bart Phuk
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