some people will put anything in their mouths

stoners, on occasion, amuse me…

…and not just in their wonderful comedy flicks.

i’ll admit something here – i’ve partaken once or twice. and i DID inhale (once i learned how to, but that’s a whole different story – having never smoked a cigarette, and with you not inhaling cigars, it was a new experience). but back then, while it had many names, it was just “weed”.

(or marijuana, mary jane, pot, what have you)

but it didn’t have NAMES. at least not that i knew of. but now it does. and not just the cool ones that make you giggle…

nopers. the latest one my stoner friends seem to really dig? outside of “darth vader” and “cherry pie” and “blueberry coosh”?


i can’t make that shit up. you MUST be high if you’re putting something nicknamed by the folks that made it as “cat piss” in your mouth. putting cat piss in your mouth sounds like an internet video a co-worker would show me…and if you work with me you know which co-worker. good luck with smoking feline urine! what will they think of next?

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