fuck, at least trump ain’t texan

does nobody see the pattern here?

if we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it…or something to that effect. it’s an old expression, but it fits. trump is NOT the first loud-mouthed fat-walleted dipshit to run for office and highlight everything that’s shitty about being wealthy, white, and loud in america.

in texas we saw it with the gubernatorial race in 1990 – clayton williams, an oil man from west texas, took on ann richards (state treasurer at the time and all around bad ass) and as of august, with the election mere months away, he had outspent ann by two to one and led by up to eleven points…

…and still lost ninety days later, partially due to comments to the effect of, “i think texas weather is kinda like rape – it’s inevitable, so you might as well sit back, relax, and enjoy it…”

that’ll cost you the woman vote FAST. and the liberals. pretty much anybody who’s not rapey in their spare time.

then came ross perot, the billionaire that gets a big fuck all gift basket from the clintons every year since 1992. why? because that was a tight race…until conservatives split between the actual candidate (bush) and the indy (perot) where as the liberal folk JUST voted for wild bill, starting his two term legacy. perot ran AGAIN in 1996 after founding the reform party which again split the conservative folks and helped assure the part ii of clinton’s terms. in case you’re curious, both these rich old coots are still very much alive and perot even sold his company to dell in 2009 for almost four billion…

…which brings us to today’s billionaire loud-mouthed breathing political cartoon, donald trump – who’s kicking enough ass politically with that mouth of his to prove that idocracy was released as a comedy but will more than likely end up a documentary…


it’s funny (not “ha ha” funny) that this is going down as it is. stereotypes exist for a reason – they’re true. not all middle easterners are terrorists. not all black folks are thugs. in fact MOST of both of those aren’t. but if (and it’s starting to seem more like “when”) we elect this idiot we will have done, on a world stage, what is expected – taken the person that personifies what most of the world sees americans as: loud mouthed, overly capitalist, brash, rude, and overall uncultured (and buying supermodels from developing eastern european cultures to marry and fuck you doesn’t count as culture, by the way) and made this overly bought and paid for orangutan our “leader”.

and when we do i’ll order the rosetta stone for español that night ’cause i’ll be moving to mexico for a few years.

¡adios bitches!

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