pills, fire, and dryer sheets – ya gotta know how to party!

a few follow ups to some recent bits, plus some new shit…

first off, i recently did a bit about pills being a good metaphor for my overall attitude of late. well, today i ran through the bottle of “90” that it turns out was a bottle of “92” and got another bottle, which i again counted and again it was “92”. so i’ll take that as a sign that world is a bit better than i give it credit for. re-read the whole bit if you’re so inclined to understand the full scope of this.

secondly, while the Tāwhirimātea of my world, the weather channel app, says a/c probably won’t be needed till next week, of bigger concern come friday morning was the fact the new furnace was “on” but it was still sixty-two in the house with it going. checking vents it was anything but warm air. popped open the cabinet to see the gas had never been cut back on…”easy fix”, i figured, so i turned it to “off”, waited for the fan to cut, and turned on the gas. gave it a few minutes to circulate, turned it back on and WHAM – still cold air.

not good.

texted my buddy who put it in, who called within ten minutes or so, and he advised me to pop the panel and check and see if the switch was on. it was, but that’s when i saw two wires disconnected that clearly shouldn’t be…that was the ticket, and soon the sixty-one degree air out of the vents was over a hundred degrees, and all was well. can’t wait to see if the a/c is this efficient!

and finally, it looks like i’m going through a great dryer sheet drought again. when i was a kid my mom varied off tide (her go to laundry detergent) and i wore a shirt washed in the new stuff swimming in blue hole in wimberly only to emerge from the water covered in red, itchy splotches. not good. she switched back to tide and i never had the issue again, so she just threw the other stuff away and moved on.

only one problem – she never told me what the “other stuff” was.

during the early months of my unemployment i started hanging with my friend benita, who is highly allergic to tide, so i had to switch stuff up just so she could hug me, or lean on me, or even be around me without itching. i reluctantly switched to the HEB brand “bravo” since i knew that wasn’t even around back when i had the issue, figuring that would be good…and it was. i came to like it more than tide. switched my dryer sheets as well – and all was well…

…until 2011. then HEB suddenly had an issue keeping their own shit in stock and the dryer sheets went away for about four months. i found the last two boxes at a store near one of the shops and bought both, which lasted me for over a year. by then all was well – but now i’m out again, and once again our store is totally out. it’s a little thing, but it bugs me – hopefully i can find ’em over near the shop tonight and get this all right again. sometimes the little things make a big difference, just ask my wifey!

(i assure you that was SOOOOOO not a dick reference!)

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