i just want to be one of the cool kids!

it’s been a journey, but (hopefully) it’s over…


yesterday we replaced our a/c. now, some debate arises when it comes to how old the previous unit was. i recall paying some pretty hefty dough shortly after mom died, enough to where the guy who did the work felt he knew me well enough to ask, “you sure you have cash for this?”.

i did. and he didn’t know me well enough to ask. he’s still blowing up my phone asking if we still want an install because, just for shits and giggles, i let him bid on the project. his price was a cool grand MORE than my buddy from austin, so i went with him.

he DOES know me well enough for me to duck his calls.

this was supposed to happen saturday, but earlier in the morning my buddy did a service call at a new apartment complex his wife property manages…and she forgot to put him on the “do not tow” list. so he came out to a missing truck. by the time it was recovered there wasn’t enough time to grab cash from me and make it to the parts place, so we postponed to this coming weekend. but when we ended up booked this weekend, it changed to tuesday…which thanks to weather yesterday changed to today. and we started this party just after 1pm, with plans for it ending around 5:30.

not so much.

it went till a bit after eight, and by then it had gotten dark and cold so we’re not absolutely sure we’re charged enough to cool. we SHOULD be, but when it’s colder outside than you’re trying to get your inside you can’t get a read on such things. airflow is awesome, though – and hopefully it’s COLD fucking air.

unless the heat’s on, of course – but that’s another wild card.

we were supposed to test the heater – at least make sure it fired up (literally – it’s gas) but the hiccup with the outside unit not getting power at first through off the game, so we didn’t test it. coupling that with the foot gap in the exhaust pipe (the new unit is bigger out back, but smaller inside…kinda like a girlfriend upgrade) so the old exhaust pipe was a foot short. enough to where firing it up last night while we slept would have made for some REALLY peaceful carbon-monoxide-fueled sleep…and the ufc wants her kid to read good, so i decided we’d wait.

(note – sixty-two when we woke up just before seven on thursday!)

so wish us luck – haven’t paid for the labor yet, so we’ll see if we need to!

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