the honksters?

everybody keeps making fun of the “white washed” oscars…

…but let me put it in perspective for you:

the academy of COUNTRY FUCKING MUSIC awards nominated more black folks then “the academy” this year

let that sink in for a second.

i’ll wait.

i mean, that’s just shy of a black tie klan rally and they still had a black nominee or two this year. but the motion picture academy? nope. how bad is it? well…

6. host chris rock has to use a separate restroom – and not ’cause he’s the host

5. star wars vii, the highest grosser of the year, wasn’t nominated for shit ’cause this guy was one of the stars:


4. they almost made the ceremony business casual so people wouldn’t wear black ties

3. let me throw a gratuitous meme in at the halfway point:


2. you know that expression “if you don’t know you’re history you’re destined to repeat it”? yeah…


it looks current, until you notice denzel et al look pretty fucking young…it’s cause this cover is TWENTY YEARS OLD. and you want to repeat that clinton shit from back then, too? nigga please.

and finally, lest you think it ain’t all bad:

1. while straight outta compton WAS nominated, which makes you think this:

soc og

it was nominated for best SCREENPLAY, so the award (if it’s won) will go to the writers, which is this:

soc writers
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