just another ironic monday

monday came with a double dose of irony today…

…one early, one later:

first bit came at around 8am when i was getting ready, and my back decided to fuck with me. the irony? it decided to do so as i hunched over to grab a shirt…to work out in later. so now i had the shirt in hand, and had a disc flare up that would mean no workout. last time this happened was as we were about to leave for new orleans. it was an uncomfortable drive down to crescent city, but after a night or two on the pseudo-tempurpedic it was fine.

we might need us one of them – something tells me tomorrow might not be so kind.

(yep,tuesday morning sucked worse)

i still worked out, though – and felt a good bit better after i did.

after my ill-advised (but fairly successful) workout i was wrapping up the work part, but doing so rather hastily. a co-worker asked why my typically casual demeanor seemed rushed and i explained that i had to rush out of my tattoo shop job to go get the boy from school, which the ufc usually does, but she couldn’t because she had an appointment…to get tattooed…at one of our shops.

and that ended the irony for the day, thankfully.

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