saturday coolness?

so, hopefully today is cool…

…SUPER cool!

today we get our a/c replaced. the whole shebang. in theory this means no more $400+ utility bills this summer. we’ll see how that works out. i’m nervous as fuck because even though the ufc has lived with me for almost two full years, i’m still a bit of a control freak and nobody knows my house quite like i do. that being said, i make more money on a saturday than any other day, so today i slapped the down payment in the hands of my a/c guy and we’ll see how things go without me there. again, in theory we have all new shiny happy stuff installed today. also, in theory, communism works.

ask castro how that worked out for him…

so i’m thinking hopeful, chilly thoughts – he’s done repair work for us before, and took care of us…hopefully he brings it for the big show!

(note: at this point i’m stopping writing and reserving the rest for how we end up, which technically means this will be completed AFTER the fact although the bit will post like this but check back for when the title says “remix” and you’ll know i wrapped it up based on how things went!)

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