cruzin’ usa?

so, according to all the iowa shit, it’s gonna be cruz & hillary come november…

…if you believe in the iowa shit. ask hucabee – they’ve been wrong before.

i for one hope they are. i was hoping for bernie / trump so bernie could win (assuming the novelty of trump would wear off as the big day drew near). the thing i don’t like about cruz / clinton is that cruz would win. think about it – black men were PROPERTY, like your car or your iphone, and then were freed AND got the vote before white women did. while i know that was over a century ago, the core thinking of this country doesn’t evolve nearly as quickly as you might give it credit for.

doubt me? look at how long trump’s lasted!

i don’t like ted cruz because he’s a bigot, and anybody who’s hateful towards minorities while fucking BEING one scares me. i’ll grant you that in the coming years latin americans will become the majority and finally eclipse white americans – fourth grade math teaches us that. and in many ways a latino in the white house is long overdue…i just don’t want to see the first one be such a douche nozzle.

i guess we shouldn’t rule anybody out of the mix just yet. bernie isn’t conceding yet, nor should he. trump isn’t either, and there’s no real surprise there. but, in all honesty, it’s the PEOPLE that have kept trump alive…but party delegates, come convention time, will be a whole ‘nother thing. keep in mind – they also have the party’s reputation to consider…and nothing could tarnish it more than seeing that orange-haired dipshit run the full track. and they fucking know it.

likewise, the age factor might hurt bernie. sure, he’s fairly healthy and totally lucid…but most folks don’t let their parent or grandparent his age drive – do you want him running the country? i mean, it’s not like via checks and balances he could launch a war against somebody all on his own or whatever, but you are guaranfuckinteed that the age thing is gonna get hammered a LOT just like it did with mccain – and in the end most male americans are gonna vote a guy…ANY guy…over a woman going into the oval office. it’s just the way it is – and while the women voting numbers seem to grow every year, they NEVER hit the dude numbers. so i think hillary, unless she pulls a crying game on us, is technically, and i hate to say it, a novelty candidate at best.

didn’t mean to go all political on you, but i’ll be curious to see how this pans out…

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  • Shane Feb 4, 2016 @ 12:47

    Fuck Cruz, Clinton and Trump! I’d really like to see Bernie win, but odds are that won’t happen. So it looks like 4 more years of the same bullshit. The left and right wings are both parts of the same bird that is shitting all over the people. None of them really represent the people, just corporate bank accounts…time for a revolt!

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