phone cleaning sixer

so, in various states of sobriety (or lack thereof) i save random shit to my phone…

…sometimes i remember why, sometimes i don’t. most of the time i re-post to social media (you can also find me on twitter or instagram – m_sean_m) but here’s a few on my phone i don’t know if i ever re-used. since this is pure lazieness, i’ll return to my roots from kramer’s blog and actually do ten (maybe even more?) versus my usual sunday sixer:

can’t we all just get along?

it’s nice to see the races come together for a common cause:


beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but repulsive is pretty much universal…

it’s funny ’cause it’s true


it’s odd hearing about how your package is delayed due to winter storms on the east coast when you’re walking around in shorts with the a/c on in your house…

it smells like wet cereal

yeah, you know who you fuckers are…


now stop thinking it’s okay…even NOLA bars say it’s not:


i don’t know the story here…

and honestly, i don’t know if i want to:


it IS amusing that wherever i downloaded this from the last random numbers on the file were “911”. coincidence? i think not!

bad marketing

you learn about certain marketing blunders in advertising classes: the chevy “nova”, which translates to “no go” or “this car doesn’t work” in spanish not doing well in mexico because they didn’t rename it, for example. i think this might be another, ’cause i think it’s for gun nuts, or perhaps it is LEGITIMATELY for stick up guys?


it popped on my instagram feed as a SPONSORED link, so this wasn’t some bullshit made meme. although i really hope this was:


and if this IS a real thing, and you DO actually buy one, you deserve the ensuing heart issues…

since the iowa caucus is tomorrow and all…


as a friend said, “if you genuinely support a “trump/palin” ticket you’re basically saying you don’t care about the future of this country, you just want saturday night live to be funny again. truth!

and speaking of truth…


can’t argue with that. your fault for getting naked outdoors in florida!

i hate when ads run after the fact…

like, almost 250 years after fact:


and finally…

a little peak in the workings here – this image saved, but didn’t put in a thumbnail for some reason, so i don’t know how to caption it since i won’t know what it is till i hit the “upload” button:


and honestly, that needs no caption!

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