the questionable end of the first shitty week

don’t misread the title – my life is FAR from “shitty”…

…but it seemed like a good way to end the first week of this:

not watching the video – actually owning one.

do you remember harold? of “look kids, it’s harold?” fame in the early astrowhore days? life is all about balance, and that powers that be apparently figured that because they gave harold great artistic talent and business savvy they’d screw him on the digestive end of the equation…so when he talked about this thing as being revolutionary and turning around HIS issues, i figured it was worth a shot. the ufc has her share of digestive issues, so i figure this could be a win /win – plus who doesn’t wanna shit like a fucking unicorn?

well, the jury’s still out.

i haven’t noticed any kind of revolutionary colon purification out of this and neither has she. neither of us have experienced some kind of revolutionary feeling of well-being as harold makes it out to be. maybe it’s just me, but it feels down-right unnatural shitting with my knees at my chest, or maybe that’s just my recent weight gain talking? i don’t know…i DO know that february is when the revolution comes to my world. i’ve had a lazy-assed january as far as the diet AND the house is concerned…and i figure if you’re gonna try to sacrifice during any given month, for the length of the month, you might as well do it on the SHORTEST month. maybe…just maybe…that’ll get me going? i guess time will tell; but i’m pretty damn over being complacent and just sitting on my ass. time to get up and go at it!

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