two barrel tuesday

this thing’s been out for almost a year, and i don’t know how i missed it:


do i need it? oh, god no – nobody NEEDS something like this. but do i WANT it? well, that’s another story. will i actually GET it? with a price tag of almost $6,500 not without a good, solid lotto win. and even then some wifey discussions will probably have to take place. it’s basically a really fancy james bondian version of this:


which is a siamese twins version of the standard 1911 semiauto carried the world over by police and military. the model got it’s name because it was officially adopted as THE pistol of the us military in 1911 being developed here starting in 1890.


i first got a bit offended (like i designed the original or something) that the dual barrel was marketed as the “2011 – A New Century” but then read it fires both .45 rounds simultaneously in a grouping about the size of an orange at fifteen yards. and can empty all sixteen rounds (8×2) in the same size grouping in around three seconds.

that’s pretty damn impressive!

i just wonder how it would fit in my hand – it weighs in at around four pounds, so it’s not for lightweights, but you have to figure a little heft is needed to cushion the recoil from two .45 rounds flying out at once! check out more here:

it’s marketed as “the first two barrel semi-auto in the world” which is true…but i just wish they still made the four barrel derringer that serves as the “L” in my stomach rocker:

COP 357

at around $800 on the collector’s market i still consider this a realistic thing in my future…but time will tell.

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