why have a playhouse when you can have a playa house?

if i had hit the powerball, this might have happened…


29 rooms, tennis court, swimming pool, and wine cellar, a guest house, game house, movie theater, and a grotto we’ve all mainly seen in pictures.

you also get a room mate that, even pushing ninety, is pulling more tail than you. guaranteed.

yes, the playboy mansion is coming up for sale. if that doesn’t signal the death nail for print journalism to you i don’t know what will. the price is retarded, even by cali real estate standards ($200,000,000.00) and comes with one caveat – heff gets to stay on until he (or his maker) decides he needs to go. i would assume you also have the option of keeping the staff, of which there’s a LOT. apparently it’s a bit musty and old and you’ll feel like you’re in 1987. there’s also a bit of dog piss on the curtains from some of heff’s previous bitch’s bitches. but you get to own a piece of iconic real estate and you gotta figure your new roommate has a story or two that’ll get shared so there’s some entertainment to be had.

shit, if i’d hit the powerball i’d do it…

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