we’re over the hump, soon there’s no cause for alarm!

so next week will be the last chunk of fresh bits for 2015…

…we’ll close out thursday with the usual xmas bit, followed by a week of repeats, and i’ll be back around come january 1, 2016. the time off of HERE isn’t the real treat for me. shit, if i get bored enough we might cancel the repeat week like we did last year – but of course, that was ’cause of the kid.

this will be the fourth xmas for the ufc and i, and three out of the four (including this one) have been childless. while i love the kiddo and all, not having kids of my own means that time AWAY from him is kind of a return to self. and a return to life as a childless couple with the ufc – that first xmas together kidless was her first one since 2003, so i felt the urge to make it nice and comfy for her. it also came a mere six weeks after we’d started dating, so it kinda set the bar, in my eyes, for what the holiday season should be – lots of booze and running about and adult fun.

but even all that isn’t the allure of the season for me this year…it’s the motherfuckin’ sleep.

you know those two precious days out of the week where you sleep in? where you wake up because you WANT to, not because some noise / clock combo on your phone says you HAVE to? yeah, i don’t get those. monday through friday i get up at 6:30 to take the kiddo to school. and saturday / sunday? i’m still up by 7:45 or so to go get the shop opened up. i literally NEVER get a good night’s sleep. i’m a night person – if i try to go to sleep before around 11:30-Midnight i inevitably wake up around 4am and don’t get back to sleep…so my energy level is just shot in the foot for that day. but for two weeks out of the winter i get glorious sleep five nights a week – and those kick in after four more days…two more school days, and then my weekend opening shifts.

the countdown has begun!

last year we had no “off” week because the kiddo was here, i had to watch him, so we just did bits per usual. this year he’s not here, so if we get fresh bits it’ll happen later in the day…but chances are i’ll actually get some real house projects done. at least, that’s my plan…but isn’t that ALWAYS the plan? whether or not it turns out to be the reality, however…

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