get your hands off my purse – i don’t know you!

if you’re not my wife AND you got the title reference, i’m impressed…

…i did that just to amuse her.

one of the things of the current technology craze i’m not a fan of is all the direct marketing shit. it’s really gotten ri-ding-dang-donkulous. one of my 2016 goals that’s probably a bit more reachable is i plan on moving all my e-commerceness over to a new email address ( so that NEXT black friday (or back to school, or arbor day, or whatever fucking reason places find to send you insane amounts of mail) i can just bomb one inbox with “select all” and “delete” instead of having to pick around several of them.

this could take a while – i’m a bit of a shopper.

but it’s annoying to me when i go to look at facebook out of boredom; which, let’s face it, once you’re no longer single so you’re not caring if the friend of a friend with the great rack commented back to whatever you said on her pre-bar selfie, is the only reason you really go on there, and i see recommendations for shit i looked at on eBay, even though i bought it on amazon…or vice versa. or when you go to a site and they have a metric shit-ton of recommendations based on stuff you looked at, no matter how fleeting. it’s like they get ahold of what they figure are your personal tastes and then won’t let go. i looked at wall mounted ipad stands for the shop. i don’t personally OWN an ipad. i never will. for my lifestyle and purposes it doesn’t make sense. i think they’re kinda cool, but it’s not like i’d do this site from them or shop, i’d just use them like i use my iphone – and i have my iphone already, so why get a big version?

but now i know seventy-five ways to mount it…which i don’t need, since we already ordered one. i also get all kinds of graphic design book recommendations since i bought some for alex. for xmas. of 2004. and eleven years later, amazon just can’t let it go. i get recommendations based on CDs i sent ME when she worked at a bulldozer place. i get recommendations based on shit i found there but found cheaper on ebay. it just NEVER stops…

…damn algorithms!

i recently got an arc from my favorite author and i was curious when the real deal would come out since i collect his first editions (as does kramer – january 26th, by the way). and now i get CONSTANT reminders of when the book is coming. the hardcover. the one that is page for page pretty much the same as the one on my coffee table RIGHT NOW.

i’ll be curious to see, as time marches on and technology advances, how much more intrusive this shit gets…

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