fruity tunes – two weeks later

i guess this apple music shit ain’t so bad…

…i still miss beats, just ’cause it was what i knew and what i liked. but i could get used to it – and unlike my buddy, i was able to get it going WITH all the appropriate lists and likes and what-not, so i guess i was one of the lucky ones.

of course the humor came three days AFTER we were forced to migrate, when an update came out for the beats app to make migrating go smoother…bastards.

today i learned that “L” and “R” on the ear buds are pretty important to pay attention to if you want it to sound right. i fired up a playlist and realized this was my first time doing it at work with earbuds vs bluetooth speakers and the bass sucked. i played with the bass booster, eq settings, volume, and such until it started to sound close to right, but it was still a bit…”off”.

i just figured that’s what happens when you switch from an app started by a hip-hop mega-mogul to something founded by fruit-eating white californians. turns out the lack of bassness came from having my ear buds in the wrong ear, thus directing the bass port the wrong way.

i always grew up hearing if you went a day without learning anything you wasted your day…if that is truly the case, yesterday was FAR from wasted!

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