i thought being a pot head would be cool

i’ve hit it three times today…

…we’ll see if the third time is the charm.

the first one was unimpressive. hit it, quit it, moved on. no real difference. the second time was a bit more epic – at least the first half. towards the end i was just fighting to keep the flow going, exhaling here and there, and it seemed like it made much more of a difference. third time? well, that was this evening…and it was just like the first – not very effective.

i’m talking about the the neti pot:


yes, you literally pour a small tea kettle of warm saline solution up one nostril and it comes out the other. essentially you water board yourself with sea water.

i don’t get sick often. it’s a combination of good genes and a ridiculous amount of echinacea. as a result, when i DO get sick i’m pretty pussified about it…especially when it drags on for more than a day or two. this is almost at a solid week and i am totally fucking over it. i don’t know if it’s allergies or real illness. i don’t care. tomorrow i’ll hit wal-mart AGAIN and get some nasacort and see if that works. if it works BETTER than this netty pot shit everybody keeps raving about to me i’ll take back the pot. if it doesn’t, i’ll take back the spray and just keep the pot for shits and giggles…but if you sell me a defective product, i WILL go get my money back. and as both of these things claim to clear out yo’ shit, and my shit ain’t clear, i call that a defective product…

…y’all didn’t think this bit was about me smoking weed or something, did you?

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