completely over feeling under the weather

as previously stated, i don’t get sick often…

…and i starting to think fucking with it only makes it worse.

i’ve done the neti pot thing. i’m about to go get a steroid nasal spray. it’s been almost ten days and i see ZERO signs of fucking improvement. this is not normal for me. on top of that, now there’s a wrist thing. the ufc went to the doctor yesterday and found out she has some allergy-induced sinus infection that was heading towards bronchitis but she caught it in time.

sadly, for her, that’s pretty normal.

she was making fun of me last night because the kiddo was sick and we gave him pepto. “sean, do you like the way this stuff tastes?”, he asked me. “i have no idea, kiddo…i’ve never tasted it” was the reply that apparently makes me far from normal. but it’s true – i’ve never had pepto or tums, and don’t recall ever buying kleenex for the house unless it was for somebody else living here (NOT me). and yet something hit me ten days ago and just won’t let go…which is WAY not cool.

this nasacort shit is my last stand.

i’ll give this a stab, and after that i’m done. finished. the snot in my head can just overtake me and choke me out. my body has done pretty fucking good at healing itself for the last forty-four fucking years…i should have never fucked with the formula that works. time to get back to where things were…this bullshit’s gotta stop.

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