the apple was bitter…but only for an hour or two

in the austin, texas, area it’s been cold and rainy lately…

…it’s been playing hell with my allergies – same for the ufc. we’ve both been coughing and sneezing and sniffling and wheezing. she’s hacking some shit up in our room as i type this up in the office. but perhaps i’m sharing too much…

…moving on…

…this weather calls up certain albums for me. two from high school, one from college:

rain 3

i can sing with every song on every album. hell, i’ve shaken the hands of the folks that wrote two of them. even been drinking with one of ’em. but on a rainy day? these are the shit to me. T E C H N I C A L L Y i’ve owned them all in four formats – started with tapes (some bought used from sound exchange), then LPs, then CDs after college, and finally as digital files on my phone…which is how they were listened to yesterday. jane’s on the way to the shop, depeche while i got the shop ready to go, and r.e.m. on the way home. then i poured a stiff drink and did it…

…i switched my beats to apple music.

the buy out happened over the summer, but we faithful didn’t give up. and every month we got charged $9.99, so we knew the beats were still kickin’. but i got the email last week that as of today that changed. at first i started to try it, and found out that suddenly paypal didn’t work on my phone for them. it worked when i needed to purchase apps. it worked when i needed to purchase music. fuck, it worked when they needed to charge me for my beats subscription once they bought the fucking service. but for apple music? nope – needed a credit card.

this shit already annoyed me and i begrudgingly went to my laptop and plugged in my visa info.

then i did what my boy a.b. had done and clicked the link in the email to get the my three free months started…but it started asking me a bunch of questions like it had no idea what i’d liked on beats. i got panicky and closed that shit out. re-opened beats and it still worked, so i took another sizable swig of jim beam apple and for once ignored the “Not Now” button…


(it should be noted my iphone camera skills don’t suck THIS bad – i forgot to screen shot it, my phone won’t show this any more, so i had to google troll for the image)

i felt more comfortable with the message that they were going to import my tastes from beats to set up my apple music account. all was well with the world…until i tapped the “My Music” section and found my library and playlists GONE. a quick google search of forums found it could take up to an hour for all to transfer, and to just be patient.

so i waited an hour…and nada. so i waited another, given the fact this was the last day of beats and figuring they were overloaded with last minute switchers like me…but an hour later, still nothing.

okay, this sucks.

so i dug a bit farther around on apple bitch boards and found that if you restarted the icloud on music shit was loading for some…so i tried it and…SUCCESS! all my shit appears to be there – or at least enough of it that i haven’t noticed any omissions yet.

now i just gotta see if i can a.b. in the same boat…i think going through the email link might have fucked his shit up for good!

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