“it’s like sex in high school – the shit you want, you don’t get…and the shit you get? you don’t want…” – my buddy eddie griffin

i haven’t talked to him in years (thanks for throwing out his number, miss alexandra) but as we never fought and parted on good terms i’m figuring “buddy” still fits.

moving along…

so i’m waiting on one refund, but the other seems to just have vanished.

the one i got (but didn’t want) was on a part for my car that apparently i can’t replace. i’ve spoken about it before – the traction control sensor issue. bought one for $100, had to get a $60 diagnostic to prove what i already knew (shit was broken) in order to extract a refund, and got my $100 back. waited till AFTER we got back from NOLA and put a $60 offer on a $100 one and scored it, but when it came in instead of being a traction control sensor for a 2001 BMW:


i got a panel for a 1976 datsun roadster:


because somebody had TWO shipments to send out one day and mislabeled. so rather than be all professional and shit, have us return them to him, and he re-ships (which would drag out the timeline a bit, admittedly) he paypaled us each ten bucks to just ship the parts to each other. my shipment went out wednesday and arrived today. when i emailed to illustrate this and just ask where the tracking number was for my (supposedly) pending shipment i didn’t get a reply, i just got a refund…which is good, ’cause i guess that means homeboy fucked us both over? but it’s bad, ’cause i still need the part, and the closest i can get to $60 is $110, but it still REALLY beats the price of a new one ($1,350).

and then there’s voodoo, which cancelled it’s sunday performances due to some weather issues. i sold our tickets when we re-scheduled our NOLA trip to coincide with the bret & leo thing, but the guy who bought my passes emailed me to let me know about the refund and ask if i would split it with him. the amusing part is had i gotten a refund and seen that part of the festival had cancelled i would have given him the whole thing, which should be around $80 – but since he did ASK me to split it with him, i will. gotta give the people what they want, right? but the card i purchased the passes on (over a year ago) is no more, and multiple emails to them have gone ignored. their website says all refunds have to be arranged my december 1st, but fuck that – i’ve emailed a shit-ton and been ignored PRIOR to december 1st. find a way, and give me my dough. at this point it’s not the money, it’s the principle of the thing…

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