the french quarter, the french capital, and french toast

it’s hump day, and it’s been a while – might as well do a three way, right?

the french quarter

plenty to go on about when it comes to the NOLA anniversary trip, so i’m actually gonna make that the sunday sixer. it’s really the best way to break up the bit, but one spoiler – i think we might move the juneteenth xx bbq there instead of vegas. we have fun there, and vegas has lots of memories for the ufc that DON’T involve me & her…where as all her memories of NOLA do. meanwhile, most of my memories of NOLA are of her because other trips were basically solo (2011 & 2002) or with people that i had to drink and smoke heavily to deal with (2002) so we’re leaning that way, but flying this time. say what you want, we clean up nice:

Dolled Up

the french capital

yes, i know this wasn’t the only terrorist attack that weekend. yes, i know it wasn’t the biggest. and yes, i agree that it got the most coverage because it involved more white people. but it also involved more humanitarianism. cab drivers giving people safe rides to safe places there. people opening up their homes. the other places DIDN’T do that because brutality in those regions isn’t a tragedy, it’s just fucking tuesday. that’s why my facebook cover photo is still this graphic i did while the ufc got dolled up for the pic above:


and finally…

french toast

i have nothing to say on this, except it’s delicious! and since all the other bits have had a pic:


eh, don’t judge me – i needed a third part to this…

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