it’s a motherfucking monday

today has great potential, it just doesn’t seem to be utilizing it…

…and i realize some of you are reading “has”, seeing the time stamp on the bit and thinking, “you mean HAD”.

but i didn’t.

the earlier parts of this bit are being written at just before 11am, where i’m trying to take the attitude “the thing about days that start off sucky is they get their suckiness out of the way and then proceed to get better, hopefully with a happier ending*”…

(*not the HAPPIEST of endings due to mother nature – although, on the upside, it means we’re another month kidless – shane, wanna just give me the cash now while you have it?)

the day started with an alarm fail, a half asleep breakfast and get the boy to school run, NO car work that was planned, lots of hassle on my “hassle free return” for an eBay item (which, in truth, was the car plan for today) and a slight re-arranging of my work schedule, but tonight should bring dinner with the family, a workout, and possibly the (final) fucking sale of the camaro – so let’s see what we get going with this, shall we?

HALFTIME (i.e. 5pm)

while work is cool, i talked myself into calling a garage about the sensor that was SUPPOSED to get swapped back this morning, but instead i got lazy as mentioned so i ended up calling my guys who did a diagnostic on the homie price and…well…i basically spent money i didn’t need to in order to confirm what i told the motherfucker who sold me the sensor on friday. on the upside, he instantly refunded (i’m still shipping the piece of shit back to him with a copy of the black forest invoice) but on the downside there went some of the vacation money, which hopefully will be made up via eBay sales between now and then.
the 11pm part of the bit

the finalé

so the austin part of my day was unpleasant (money that didn’t need to be spent got spent, time that didn’t need to be wasted got wasted, i had to skip the gym as a result of the latter) but a year long quest has ended – almost a year after it initially went up, the camaro was sold. didn’t get what i owed dad in its entirety, but it was enough to make us both okay with it. while i didn’t turn a profit, i could hear the old man smile on the phone, and that makes it worth it. now, hopefully, he’ll find a pic of his folks i need for a tattoo – and he now, for the first time in half a decade, has NOTHING to hold over my head. that’s worth it’s weight in platinum…

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