they grow up so fast!

i’m shooting for a quarter million miles!

but we’ll get to that in a moment.

first, a glance at what could have been versus what really happened:


on the left, mr. grey – on the right, the car i REALLY wanted in high school and early college, the bmw 318 circa 1985 or so. didn’t happen. used to read about the ONLY place to take them when they fucked up was black forest werkshop, which is my go to place for mechanical advice now (truth be told, they’ve sold me parts but never actually worked on him, which i don’t think makes them too happy). but looking at that 1985 now (i’m guessing – the model started being made in 1984, and third brake lights became standard on cars in the US as of 1986, so i’m figuring this is an ’84 or ’85) i’m glad i waited. problem is, i REALLY like the style i have, a lot more than the newer ones, and i’m hesitant to trade him in since i know his querks and what needs to be fixed on him, versus somebody else’s “problem” they traded in, ya know? plus, he just reached a milestone on friday around airport and 15th:


and in honor of this some little (and not so little) shit is getting handled this week. the sad thing is i’ve had the parts to do most of this shit for a while, it’s just a matter of DOING it. this week shit gets done to honor him hitting 200K. the sunday sixer will report the progress next week…so let’s pamper this guy that i’ve taken from just over 83,000 miles to 200,000 miles in just over four years!

(fuck, i drive a LOT, huh?)

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